Jungle of Flowers

Make your Android to the habitat of a stunning growing flower with this Live Wallpaper.

A real eye-catcher!


– Non repetitive growing flower effect.
– The flower interacts with the bees and butterflies.
– Choose from 8 different flower styles.
– Choose different background styles.
– The camera perspective is adjustable.
– The user can interact by placing butterfly by touching the screen!
– The growing speed, branching complexity and the size of the leaves and blossoms are adjustable.
– Flower reacts on playing music!
– Stylish spectrum analyzer panel.

TO USE: home->menu->wallpapers->live wallpapers

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  1. Konrad says:

    Hi there,

    My compliments for this nice piece of art, Amazing! I was wondering what kind of algorithm was used to grow this plant. Is this some kind of L-System?

    I’ve seen a similar thing in a popular computer demo some years ago. Back then I was also wondering how this was generated. And now I stumbled upon your work and again was thrilled by the looks of that animation.

    A quick Google research yielded no valuable results, since I’m probably missing the right terms. So I was wondering, if you could give me some advice, or a general direction, what to look for.

    Since my early years I’m very interested in Fractals. I also have an academic background in terms of Mathematics and Computer Science. So I’m quite optimistic to be able to cope with the theoretical background. 😉

    Many thanks in advance
    Sincerely, Konrad

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