Cubic Patterns

Get the Cubic Pattern Live Wallpaper, an awesome 3d effect with music visualization feature, and your Android will learn to dance.

Drum and Bass approved!


– Four different Pattern modes (Emitter, Metaball, Tentacle, Single Pattern), which can be displayed intermittently or simultaneously.
– Many options to alter the appearance of the different patterns.

– Colors
– Tentacle length
– Tentacle core sizes
– Number of metaballs
– Size of metaballs
– And more…

– Interact by moving around in slow motion.
– Animation speed, glowing strength and slow motion strength is adjustable.
– Adjust the strength of music influence.
– Choose different styles of waveform analysis and adjust the size and color of the corresponding display.
– And more!

TO USE: home->menu->wallpapers->live wallpapers

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  1. yani says:


  2. stefan fiebig says:


    thats the best wallpaper ever.

    Maybe you can include a function/mode to capture live Audio via microfone and generate visualization on the device.
    Like external Audio source capturing….

    It would look amazing in Clubs or when Djing!

    Thanks for your Kind reply

    appreciating your nice work

    regards stefan

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